Video Conferencing System

Simple, Compatible, Affordable and High quality video collaboration Solutions beyond the boundaries are just here

Video conferencing solution is a spirited carrier for interactive communication. It enables one set of people to see, hear and effectively communicate to people in different locations across the globe. It's most basic form is the transmission of image (video) and speech (audio) back and forth between two or more physically separate locations. Calls can be made locally, nationally or over the distance.

Cisco Video Conferencing System

Cisco videoconferencing solutions provide mountable and inexpensive conferencing for organizations of all sizes. Streamline delivery and use of videoconferencing and increase your return on investment. Flexible deployment models support your existing and new investments.

Cisco Video Conferencing Products

Whatever your video conferencing needs, from small rooms to cinema-level, this solution will help keep your company competitive. Check out the details. With increasingly fierce competition and rapid internationalization, companies must respond quickly to customer demands. They need lightning-fast decision-making to adapt and video conferencing is an important tool

The Huawei End-to-End Video Conferencing Solution helps meets those challenges and more. Driven by the need for remote communication and collaboration, the video conferencing solution offers these features: Create an in-person experience with life-like 1080p60 HD video, panoramic seamless telepresence, eye-to-eye contact, sound localization, and dynamic dual streaming. Conference continuity with nine back up mechanisms

Run efficient video conferences with voice dialing, Site Call, one-tap conferences, wireless presentation, and wireless microphones

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