2) IT Security Solution

With the rapid technological advances, increased market pressures and growing sophistication in security threats, businesses in today's world are expected to be constantly vigilant and preemptive. Our highly experienced and qualified security professionals at Netcrew leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to protect your business against threats and minimize risks. In today's world, its widely accepted that the organizations can improve productivity and business growth and increase customer trust only by implementing comprehensive security solutions and protecting information and systems from threats and attacks. NetcrewPriv LTD, after understanding in detail your business needs, offers a complete package of security solutions ranging from formulating security strategy for business, Network security and design, Email and Web Security, Network Audit & Monitoring, Endpoint control and security services. Netcrew solutions help you mitigate data damage risks and solve your security challenges. Through adoption of preemptive threat mitigation methodologies, Netcrew ensures to give you full control over your virtual, physical or cloud IT environments. Our certified security squads bring the most advanced solutions to the table to give you a remodeled IT infrastructure that is scalable, flexible and threat free. Our improved IT security strategy will add wings of freedom to drive your business growth

  • Advanced Security for Business
  • NetcrewPvt Ltd, a leading system Integrator all over india and offers a wide range of advanced security solutions to secure critical enterprise assets and safeguard access to sensitive data in the most demanding data center environments. We offer security solutions to business verticals namely- Government, Banking & Finance, Telecom, Education, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors. We support organizations to achieve and sustain compliance standards and optimally manage risk through full policy, procedure and controls lifecycle management. Netcrew today has on-the-ground sales and technical presence to execute large and complex projects and is completely geared up to provide turnkey security solutions.

    Network Audit and Monitoring

    The process of checking the systems and services that comprise a network is called network monitoring. Our IT experts have the tools and expertise to monitor, capture, filter, analyze and deliver a comprehensive weekly/monthly report regarding your network information.

    Team has skilled professionals in the below mentioned area

    Our network audit and monitoring solutions shall identify the security loopholes in your corporate network using the most comprehensive auditing service. It helps administrators recognize security flaws; back doors and other ways hackers can get into your corporate servers. After each test you will receive an audit report that tells exactly where your network is vulnerable with detailed report on how to fix it. Keep your network infrastructure secure and let not the hackers peep into your work process

    Network Security and Design

    The increasingly technological world today has failed to meet the customer's primary concern of security. Netcrew Technology helps you plan and execute effective strategy to implement network security. Netcrew Network security and design services include:

  • Network Security Design methodology
  • Layered Security Architecture
  • Security Technologies
  • We develop a format to implement the security procedures, train your technical staff and keep you updated if anything unusual happens. We offer continuous customer support, maintenance services and warranty on all the equipment's installed. Netcrew Technology excels and is known for the implementation of layered security architecture which includes WAN optimization solutions, email, web and content security solutions, application layered security among others and modern security technologies with support from partners like Fortinet Networks and Cisco . We work towards customer satisfaction without sacrificing on excellence and quality of the service.

    Network Audit and Monitoring

    Each day, the volume and magnitude of data shared over the internet is rising dramatically. More and more communication is taking place via e-mail. On-the-move staffs, telecommuters and branch offices are using the Internet to remotely connect to their corporate networks and complete commercial transactions over the Internet. However, as networks enable more and more applications and are available to more and more users, they become ever more susceptible to a wider range of security threats. To combat those threats and ensure that business goals are not compromised, security technology must play a major role in today's networks.

    If network security systems are designed using ad hoc and unpredictable methods, their integrity will be in doubt and risks in business can increase. Therefore, a reliable and coherent design methodology for network security is need of the hour. In India especially, the problem has received little attention. This can perhaps be explained by the relative immaturity of the underlying technology.

    Netcrew Technology aims to draw attention of the business owners and IT managers to this unexplored area and help them brace themselves for the challenges and unseen risks. Network security design is only a part of the overall process for specification and design of any networked system. Netcrew expert team, with its highly experienced professionals with qualified certifications will work with you to formulate the security design for your company.

    Why Network Security?

    The global market for network security appliances is rapidly increasing. Organizations understand the importance of security and spend billions for top class technology systems to keep their business assets and data safe. With the increasing cyber-attacks and dangers over the internet, businesses big or small have to protect the environment from such threats.


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