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• Education is one industry that has benefitted from digital transformation tremendously. India has the second largest market for e-learning worldwide after the US. There is also a huge demand for distance learning, which is expected to witness major growth. The use of technology in this sector has led to private schools and colleges utilizing e-books, e-learning classes, and different types of digital media for educational purposes. The education sector is now looking at continuing its growth with greater interactive content, and personalized e-learning. The key to success of these ventures is having the right technologies and equipment at your disposal. At the same time, education institutions need to be aware of all the regulations regarding compliances and piracy quality. Futurism Technologies provides IT technology services to address the various requirements of the growing Education and e-learning sectors. Futurism's goal is to provide rapid and scalable services and solutions that will enable educational institutes to accelerate their pace of integrating digital transformation within their daily work and teaching procedures.

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